Gary Player debates whether it's harder to win the Tennis Majors or the Golf Majors


Gary Player debates whether it's harder to win the Tennis Majors or the Golf Majors
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Although tennis and golf have many differences, the reality is that they have many similarities. Many people wonder which sport requires more talent, as well as where it is easier to win big trophies. It is certain that both sports have their own aspects that distinguish them from others.

Any sport has competition, and it is very difficult to reach the very top and be the best. Gary Player, the man who left a huge mark on the golf scene, revealed in an interview with Sky Sports which sport is more difficult for him; "Golf is so different.

My wife and I used to have many debates on if it's harder to win a golf Major or a tennis Major. My argument was that, in tennis, you've got to beat seven people. In golf, you've got to beat 156."- he said.

Gary Player

Player is a huge tennis fan, as well as Novak Djokovic.

He believes that in golf there are more variables that affect the final ranking. "In tennis, and I love tennis, it's my favourite sport to watch and (Novak) Djokovic is my favourite, but he's playing the same seven matches in the same seven conditions.

In golf, you can play this morning and it's a different golf course this afternoon. So there's so many variables in golf, like you've got to beat 156 guys and I don't think there's a comparison." Tennis fans would certainly disagree with Player.

In any case, both sports are popular and have their own rich history. There are many talented players who are mega-popular in tennis. Similarly, golf, with its strategic and precision-based gameplay, has a rich tapestry of legendary figures.

From the iconic Tiger Woods to the timeless elegance of Jack Nicklaus, golf has seen players who transcend the sport and become cultural phenomena. Source: Golfmonthly

Gary Player