Danielle Kang on golfers' financial problems

"I'm one player. How about the average Tour players?"

by Sead Dedovic
Danielle Kang on golfers' financial problems
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Although many believe that the golf world brings enormous wealth, things are not quite like that in reality. Of course, we're going to hedge right away: There are top golfers who earn huge sums of money and live a luxurious life.

On the other hand, there are more golfers who have problems with finances, especially because you have to invest in yourself and your career, which requires a lot of money. Scott Hend recently talked about it through social media; “Some un useful info for the Golf Fans out there....

So far in 2022 I've missed 9 from 9 cuts and haven't made a cent.... I've been on the road playing since 17th Jan. I have burnt through approx $50k usd. This is Pro Golf people and I love it. Better times coming soon. #golflife"- Hend wrote.

Danielle Kang

Danielle Kang, who is one of the more popular female golfers, emphasizes that it is necessary to bring more money into the world of golf. Although she is one of the better ones, Kang still has huge problems with finances.

Her sponsor, BMW, is of great help to her. "I'm one player. How about the average Tour players? I made $6,000 last week, made the cut; I didn't break even last week. That's me budgeting. I have to drive, rent a car, get a hotel room.

Luckily enough for me I'm sponsored by BMW that provides for me the car. That saves like $500, $1000 etc." This great golfer emphasizes that when individuals or companies decide to invest money, it is difficult to refuse such offers.

"We have to think about all these things. So for us, when companies step up and give us an opportunity to make a living, make the tour better and broader and for players to compete and to be an actual job, it's nice to see that”.