Cameron Smith Shares Thoughts on the 2024 LIV Golf Schedule


Cameron Smith Shares Thoughts on the 2024 LIV Golf Schedule
Cameron Smith Shares Thoughts on the 2024 LIV Golf Schedule © Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images Sport

LIV Golf next year could bring much excitement. The leaders of this Tour are already announcing significant changes. Cameron Smith is one of those who can be particularly pleased with the LIV Golf projects for the upcoming year.

It is noteworthy that LIV Golf will return to Adelaide on April 26-28. Smith was delighted with the organization of the tournament in Adelaide this year, and the prospect of having the same opportunity next year makes him especially happy.

"I’m ecstatic. There’s definitely no regret here. I think for me having an event in Adelaide this year and we’re going back there next year, you know, that was so much fun. It was fun to play in front of the home crowd and it’s also really nice to have an off-season at home in Australia as well.

It’s something I haven’t been able to do for a long time. So, no complaints here. "- Smith said.

Cameron Smith expressed gratitude to LIV Golf leaders

The Australian expressed gratitude to the leaders of LIV Golf for acknowledging the importance of hosting the golf tournament in Adelaide.

Australian athletes often travel globally, spending considerable time away from home. Now, with the opportunity to play on home soil once more, Smith anticipates significant achievements.
"I think naturally, being Australian, we’re kind of world travellers anyway, you know, we’re so far away from everything.

And those seven or eight years on the PGA tour were really nice. Very easy to get around, but I did miss the international travel."- he continued. For him, traveling the world and experiencing different cultures was never a problem; he always looked forward to it.

He is pleased with the direction LIV Golf is taking and hopes that the future will bring even more remarkable stories. "It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed, travelling the world and seeing different cultures, seeing different golf courses.

I think we’ve done a really good job of that (on LIV) and going forward I think we’ll do a bit more of that”. Source: Golfmonthly

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