Golfer's Emotional Victory: Honors Late Daughter Lost to Cancer


Golfer's Emotional Victory: Honors Late Daughter Lost to Cancer
Golfer's Emotional Victory: Honors Late Daughter Lost to Cancer © Marianna Massey / Getty Images Sport

Camilo Villegas won the Butterfield Bermuda Championship. This victory holds immense importance for him and will serve as a significant motivation for what lies ahead. At the end of the tournament, Villegas expressed his joy at winning.

Nonetheless, his journey to victory was not easy. When you've been in the world of sports for years and things aren't going perfectly for you, it's natural to feel disappointed, and even at times to think about giving up.
“Tough to put in words right now, but wow, what a ride, man,” said Villegas.

“You know what, I love this game. This game has given me so many great things, but in the process it kicks your butt. Life has given me so many great things and in the process it kicks my butt, too. My little one up there (is) watching”.

Camillo Villegas lost his daughter

Following their tragic loss of 22-month-old Mia to cancer in 2020, Villegas and wife Maria Ochoa founded Mia’s Miracles. Despite ongoing swing issues and injuries, the 41-year-old golfer, motivated by Maria, made a comeback.

Finally, his determination paid off. Surely those are the most difficult moments for a parent. However, he never gave up his love for golf, as his love for his daughter motivated him to become so great.
“Like I said, I've got my little one up there watching it, smiling.

She's where she needs to be after a long fight”. - he continued. Villegas was pessimistic about his chances on the PGA Tour just a few months ago. He thought that the injuries had taken their toll and that he could hardly be at his peak.

However, when you believe in yourself, anything is possible. “I'm 41, you don't see too many 40-somethings winning on the PGA Tour. I have been struggling first with an injury and then trying to get back into top form”.

Source: Golfmonthly