Phil Mickelson Delighted Many After Helping PGA Tour Player


Phil Mickelson Delighted Many After Helping PGA Tour Player
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Phil Mickelson, often criticized, is earning widespread praise for his incredible support of a veteran pro aiming for the PGA Tour. Mark Baldwin called his time with Mickelson "unforgettable." Mickelson spontaneously organized clinics, matches, and even welcomed Baldwin into his home to fine-tune his game before the PGA Tour Q-School.

Ryan French, a known golf enthusiast, reached out to Mickelson for help. Mickelson not only responded promptly but spent extensive time with Baldwin, providing invaluable guidance on the course and refining his skills. French shared these events on social media, highlighting Mickelson's generosity without any hint of seeking publicity.

Mickelson's efforts were extensive, a full day of practice solely aimed at helping Baldwin succeed.

Ryan French's X post: Amazing of Phil

French could not believe that Mickelson really agreed to such an option and decided to help his friend.

It's an act that earned him admiration and even greater respect for Mickelson. Phil has emphasized many times in his career that he is ready to help anyone.
"They played a 9-hole match last night," - Ryan French wrote on X.

"Phil invited him to his house this morning to help w(ith) short game and now they are playing an 18-hole match. Amazing of Phil. One of the best players of our time helping a guy get ready for 2nd stage. Truly unreal." Although many have a negative opinion of Phil Mickelson, he has shown his generosity and willingness to help anyone many times.

His career was marked by various successes, but the last move in the series caused the wrath of golf fans. Mickelson decided to join LIV Golf, thus disappointing golf fans, especially the older ones. However, he has emphasized many times so far that he has respect for the PGA Tour and explained the reasons for his departure.


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