Viktor Hovland's Unique Spending of Tournament Prize Money Surprises Many


Viktor Hovland's Unique Spending of Tournament Prize Money Surprises Many
Viktor Hovland's Unique Spending of Tournament Prize Money Surprises Many © Andrew Redington / Getty Images Sport

Viktor Hovland has a great season behind him, and winning the Ryder Cup is certainly his greatest success. Winning 18 million euros and the FedExCup champion is certainly a big deal. However, it seems as if it is more important for Hovland that he managed to win in Rome with the European team.

Although many believe that money is the main motive of every player, Hovland apparently is not even aware of how much money he earned this season; “I mean, I knew FedExCup was $18 million [prize money] but I really didn't have an idea how much I made this year.

And yeah, it's cool. It's nice to have, I don't mind it. But when I'm sitting here and especially after the Ryder Cup and I'm just looking over the year, it's the experiences and the moments that we had in Rome, that was incredible.

And then just looking back to, 'Hey, I won three times this year, big-time events' I'm really proud of the way I won those events. I don't feel like I would have been capable of winning those events earlier in the year. I feel like I've taken a big step to be able to win those events."- Hovland said, as quoted by Mirror.

Viktor Hovland on his progress

Hovland appears surprised by the progress he's made this year. While having money is significant, Viktor is more impressed with how he entered this season and achieved such remarkable results.

"I'm thinking back to that stretch as, man, I got a lot better this year and I was able to achieve some things that I wouldn't probably have done before. That's kind of how I'm sitting here and thinking about that. But obviously, the money is nice as well."
Reporters were curious about how Hovland spent his tournament prize money.

His response brought delight to many. "Nothing, not necessarily like materialistic things. I took my mom to a restaurant in Malta and we went there and hung out and ate good food and checked out some places and went sightseeing a little bit."

Viktor Hovland

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