Jeff Winther Finds Joy in Jon Rahm's Praise

"He's a great guy and he's obviously a phenomenal golfer"

by Sead Dedovic
Jeff Winther Finds Joy in Jon Rahm's Praise
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Jeff Winther made a significant push into contention at the DP World Tour Championship with an outstanding performance in the third round. Yet, what truly made his day wasn't just his great performance, it was a compliment he received from his playing partner, Jon Rahm.

Winther did not know what to say at certain moments. He only had words of praise for Jon Rahm, who also praised him after the performance and gave him additional motivation. Rahm was not able to show his best, but he was happy about the great performance of Winter.

"Yeah, I don't know what to say. He's a great guy and he's obviously a phenomenal golfer," Winther said after playing alongside Jon Rahm, as quoted by! Rahm was annoyed and angry with himself for not giving his best.

"He was very kind to say when we finished on the last, he was like, 'Very annoying, everything you did was just a little bit better than me today' I feel quite happy now."

Jeff Winher talks about his great form

This great golfer can be satisfied with his recent performances.

He is in the best form of his career. During the tournament, you could feel that Winther was playing with a lot of confidence. Then when you believe in yourself and start hoping that you can do great things, it's natural that you actually succeed.

He didn't forget to praise his caddy either. "The last two months have been really good to me. I found something," he continued. "Rich [Hanna] and I, my caddie, we have a great relationship and we were making a lot of fuss out of nothing.

It's great, really. We're just trying to have fun." His ambitions are to continue at the same pace in the following tournaments. No one doubts that Winther can do great things.

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