The Chris Kirk's courage has been rewarded


The Chris Kirk's courage has been rewarded
The Chris Kirk's courage has been rewarded © Getty Images Sport - Naomi Baker / Staff

The PGA TOUR Courage Award (“Courage Award”) is presented to an individual who, through courage and perseverance, has overcome extraordinary adversity, such as personal tragedy or debilitating injury or illness, to make a significant contribution to the game of golf.

Chris Kirk is the sixth recipient of the award.

Chris Kirk, story

Kirk took time off from the TOUR in May 2019 to address issues stemming from alcohol abuse and depression. After a hiatus of more than six months, he regained exempt status in 2021.
Through a Major Medical Extension (game category related to health problems) and in 2023 he won his fifth PgaTour title.

“I never thought I would be able to play golf again, much less that I would be here with all of you and win on the Tour again” (first win since 2015). “I'm really amazed,” Kirk said, after receiving the award at Sea Island Golf Club in Georgia, where he is playing in this week's RSM Classic.

“I am more than grateful to my family, especially my wife for staying with me and supporting me through these difficult years. Just the mental clarity I wake up with every day is an absolute gift”. “One thing that has really defined me as a person for a long time is perseverance, determination.

I probably have enough to have been able to put it to good use and set it on how I can be a better father and husband from here on out”. “That has been my main goal other than working towards becoming a professional golfer again”.

PGATour Commissioner Monahan said: “Professional athletes have an incredible platform to help others, and Chris' honesty, candor and courage in speaking publicly about dealing with a very personal situation has inspired so many people to address the daily difficulties”.