Joost Luiten, three clubs in branches of a tree


Joost Luiten, three clubs in branches of a tree
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Joost Luiten has become one of us, golfers with a passion for the game. However, at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai, the 37-year-old Dutchman lost his cool and three clubs in just a few minutes. He didn't leave his tools of the trade on the green or fairway but abandoned them in the branches of a tree.

This was no golfing equivalent of "Candid Camera." Joost found himself in a bizarre and incredible situation, one that brings golfers closer to those who live and breathe the game.

The incident occurred during the final round of the European Tour season, played last weekend on the Earth Course at the Jumeirah Golf Estate in the United Arab Emirates.

The tournament was won by Danish player Nicolai Hojgaard.

Joost Luiten, story

For Luiten, it was an unremarkable day on the course from a competitive standpoint. The turning point came on the ninth hole when, after a wayward tee shot, anger got the better of him, and he threw his driver into the air.

Unfortunately, Luiten found himself under a tree, and the driver decided to defy gravity, getting snagged in the branches. What could he do?

As the golfer approached the final ten holes, he found himself in a predicament. His driver was stuck high up in a tree, leaving him with few options.

It was the Dutch golfer, Luiten, who ultimately came up with the solution. He grabbed a iron and lobbed it at the tree, trying to dislodge the wayward club. It took several attempts, with a volunteer even climbing the tree to shake it, but nothing seemed to work.

Despite the valiant efforts of Luiten and his team, the driver and two woods remained stubbornly lodged in the branches.

Even the scoreboard propped against the trunk did little to help. Eventually, the 37-year-old golfer had to admit defeat, kicking his bag and uttering some choice words that were swiftly censored by the tour.

In the end, he finished the ninth hole with a bogey, using 11 clubs instead of the usual 14.

It was a frustrating and unfortunate turn of events, but a reminder of the unpredictable nature of golf. Even the best players can't always anticipate the challenges that lie ahead.

Meanwhile, a volunteer managed to retrieve the lost drivers and woods and deliver them to their rightful owner through Melanie-Jane, the eight-month pregnant wife of Joost Luiten - six-time victor on the Tour.

In the latter nine, the Dutch golfer scored three birdies, ending the day in the 48th position out of 50 players.

Reflecting on the events involving the tree, the golfer remarked, "It was a summary of my week on the course." With a serious and professional tone, he concluded his post-game comments.