Luke Donald, forty days to decide the future


Luke Donald, forty days to decide the future
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Just over fifty days have passed since the triumph of Rome and there are only forty days left until the end of the year. This is the time left for Luke Donald to give his response to the proposal to lead the team again.

Luke Donald, situation

After a plebiscite led by the players, the media, the fans and the experts, Captain Donald was decreed the right man to continue leading the team.

Despite the enthusiasm and the "Two more years" hypothesis, his confirmation is not yet certain. Donald, in the heat of the moment, declared that he had not ruled out the possibility of leading the team once again, but that he had not yet seriously considered the idea.

After the victory, he preferred to enjoy the moment without thinking about the future. However, the clock continues to turn and the leaders of the Ryder Cup Europe organization are putting pressure on Donald to receive a definitive answer.

According to an anonymous internal source reported by The Telegraph Sport, time is running out to make a decision. By the end of the year we will be able to announce the name of our Captain. We want to give Luke enough time to decide, but in the meantime we have allowed him to discuss the matter with his family, as it is a big commitment.

We follow practice, but we know that if Luke wants it, he will get what he wants. All the signs are very promising. Should Donald accept, he would be the fourth Captain to lead Team Europe more than once, after John Jacobs, Tony Jacklin and Bernard Gallacher.

The tone of our communication must be serious and professional, never addressing the reader and without the use of exclamation points. The competition, named after the trophy donated by Englishman Samuel Ryder (1858–1936) to the American federation in 1924, is co-managed by the European Tour and the PGA of America.

From 1927 to 1971 the tournament took place between the selection of the United States and that of Great Britain, with a clear American dominance (15-3) and only one draw. Ireland was incorporated into Great Britain in 1973 and the rest of continental Europe in 1979.

Following the acceptance of the European team as an antagonist of the US team, the tournament was much more balanced: from 1979 to 2018, in fact, there were eleven successes for Europe, eight for the United States and only one draw.

Luke Donald