Adam Scott's interesting reaction to Rory McIlroy's resignation


Adam Scott's interesting reaction to Rory McIlroy's resignation
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Rory McIlroy has decided to resign from the PGA Tour Policy Board. This immediately caused doubts and a large number of reactions. The Northern Irishman was one of the main advocates of the PGA Tour. However, given his responsibilities, Rory no longer wanted to hold a role on the PGA Tour Policy Board.

Adam Scott is one of those who reacted to McIlroy's resignation. "I heard that he was ready to step down earlier in the year, but he stayed and saw the year out," Scott said, as quoted by! "Like his statement [said], I haven't talked to him about it since then, but he feels like he's got other priorities and he's giving a lot of time everywhere and he couldn't give the time to this any more.

In one way that's being responsible rather than holding a board seat and not being engaged." The PGA Tour-PIF deal is also one of the inevitable topics lately. Adam Scott believes that it is difficult to predict what the future holds, and whether a deal will actually be reached.

"It's really hard to know if the deal's going to go through or not. As everyone knows, there's four or five other parties interested in investing in the PGA Tour like PIF. So management have a lot of work to do to get some final deals on the table so the board can have a look at it and see if there's a deal that is good for everyone."

Rory McIlroy explains his decision

Rory McIlroy explained his decision once again in a press conference, although many people knew why he made such a decision.

The fact is that Rory can do even greater things. He understood that it is difficult to function on several sides and that he must dedicate himself to golf as much as possible. "I just think I've got a lot going on in my life between my golf game, my family and my growing investment portfolio, my involvement in TGL, and I just felt like something had to give.
I just didn't feel like I could commit the time and the energy into doing that.

I don't mind being busy, but I just like being busy doing my own stuff.
Something had to give and there's guys that are on that board that are spending a lot more time and a lot more energy on it than I am. It's in good hands and I felt like it was the right time to step off."

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