Nate Lashley against Rory McIlroy and Tiger

The PGA Tour has announced the final ranking of the 2023 Player Impact Program, causing quite a bit of controversy, as happens more and more often in these cases

by Andrea Gussoni
Nate Lashley against Rory McIlroy and Tiger
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The PGA Tour has announced the final ranking of the 2023 Player Impact Program, causing quite a bit of controversy, as happens more and more often in these cases. Among the most critical voices was that of the player Nate Lashley, currently in 190th place in the Official World Golf Ranking and 97th in the FedEx ranking, who achieved a single victory in the 2018-2019 season at the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

For him, every season is a struggle to keep the card.

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In a post on his Instagram profile, Lashley asked his followers if they really knew what PIP is on the PGA Tour, and if they thought the $100 million spent on the top 20 players was justified, especially at the expense of the others Tour members.

According to Lashley, this is just the latest demonstration of how the PIP, already unwelcome to begin with, has widened divisions within the PGA Tour, especially with the introduction of the Fall Series. In short, it is clear that many players like Lashley are dissatisfied with the situation, and believe that the time has come for new leadership on the PGA Tour.

According to Sportskeeda, not only the media but also many golf fans have expressed their disappointment on social networks. Some have commented that Rory is grossly overpaid, while others have suggested that the money earned by McIlroy and Woods could be used to build a stadium for their e-league.

Still others called the situation a mockery. On the Twitter platform, these are just some of the comments that have been made. In particular, one user noted that a big reason Rahm is considering the LIV proposal is due to "Tiger & Rory Show" fatigue.

The winter therefore promises to be very "hot" for the protagonists of golf. The Rules of Golf are a set of standard rules and procedures by which the sport of golf should be played. They are jointly written and administered by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St.

Andrews, the governing body of golf throughout the world, outside of the United States and Mexico, which are the jurisdiction of the United States Golf Association. An expert commission made up of members of the R&A and USGA oversees and refines the rules every four years.

The latest revision is effective January 1, 2016. Changes to the rules of golf generally fall into two main categories: those that improve understanding and those that in certain cases reduce penalties to ensure balance. The rule book, entitled "Rules of Golf", is published on a regular basis and also includes rules governing amateur status.

In Italy it is up to Federgolf to supervise the competitions by enforcing the rules issued by the R & A, checking that these rules are observed by the Clubs, Associations and their members and managing the resulting sporting justice, protecting their interests abroad.

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