PIP, Tiger Woods overtaken by Rory McIlroy

The famous PIP has once again crowned a winner, and for the first time in three years, it's not Tiger Woods who is in the lead.

by Andrea Gussoni
PIP, Tiger Woods overtaken by Rory McIlroy
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The famous PIP has once again crowned a winner, and for the first time in three years, it's not Tiger Woods who is in the lead. Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy took over the legendary golfer in this ranking which rewards players who have contributed to promoting the image and communication of the PGA Tour circuit.

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However, asking whether the PGA Tour is all about these two illustrious names would be simplistic. Spanish player Jon Rahm, for example, may wonder after finishing third behind Woods and McIlroy. Although the latter are the most influential, Rahm nevertheless managed to climb to third place by showing determination and working on his communication.

For the most demanding players, the ranking may be difficult to accept. For example, Rahm, who won the Masters last April, might feel frustrated with the dominance of Woods and McIlroy. However, Rahm's success in this ranking rewards his hard work in promoting his image and communication.

Although Woods was a regular in the top spots at the PIP over the years, he was eventually overtaken by McIlroy, who hasn't won a Major in nine years. With only eight appearances over the last three years, Woods has fallen behind and therefore leaves McIlroy to take the lead in the popularity rankings for the first time since its creation.

By positioning himself at the top of the ranking, the golfer will receive a bonus of 15 million dollars, compared to 12 million for his rival, the Tiger. However, it is obvious that the Northern Irish player would prefer to exchange this reward in favor of a victory at the prestigious Masters tournament.

It should be noted that Tiger Woods, who has only participated in four competitions over four rounds over the past three years (Masters 2020 and 2022, ZOZO Championship 2020, Genesis Invitational 2023), was paid the considerable sum of $35 million under this program.

In total, 100 million will be redistributed to the twenty best players, according to criteria including Internet searches, the number of press articles, the presence of sponsor logos on the screen during television broadcasts, notoriety general among the American population and online presence.

However, in order to receive the full amount of these sums, players must comply with two obligations: participate in a tournament designated in consultation with the Player Impact Program, and engage in a communication operation in collaboration with the latter.

It is imperative to comply with the internal rules of the PGA Tour by participating in the minimum number of tournaments required. Payments are divided into two stages: 25% is given to players during the Tournament of Champions in January, while the remaining 75% is released when they have fulfilled the three aforementioned obligations. This procedure is carried out in strict compliance with the professional competence and ethics of our organization.

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