John Senden reveals that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease


John Senden reveals that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
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John Senden, a well-known name on the golf scene, confirmed in an interview with the media that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Senden emphasized that he is currently focused on being active, given that Parkinson's disease can be cruel.

Senden tries to be optimistic. "I've got to stay in the gym, stay fit and stay open, because Parkinson's wants to close you down, wants to make you feel a bit more depressed," he told ABC Sport, as quoted by!

In moments when the disease takes over your body, the only option left to you is to fight and come out victorious. Senden is aware of this. Being active, believing in yourself and looking forward to every day is currently the best option for him.

"I've got to stay playing, stay light-hearted about everything. It doesn't actually undermine my strength, it just sort of makes me feel a bit weird sometimes," he continued.

John Senden explains his disease: It's not going to go away

At times, Senden appears to feel that everything is fine.

Yet, in the next moment, he senses a tremor and experiences the difficulty of executing. It is not easy to fight such a disease, but it is the only option!
"I can be on the range warming up and feeling really good, but as soon as the anticipation of hitting the first shot or a difficult shot or even the name called on the first tee, all of a sudden my right arm starts shaking and I can't control that sometimes." Despite everything that is happening to him, Senden can still play golf and enjoys playing.

In his head, he still has a focus on progress and being the best he can be. "I sort of stretch it or trigger it or get some bigger movements to get through this. It's not going to go away, but I'm still able to play and still enjoying golf."