Richard Bland weighs in on Jon Rahm's possible move to LIV Golf


Richard Bland weighs in on Jon Rahm's possible move to LIV Golf
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The subject of Jon Rahm's future remains a highly discussed and relevant topic. It's hard to predict whether the Spaniard will make a surprising move and commit to LIV Golf. His past affirmations of loyalty to the PGA Tour sparked some optimism.

However, we do not want to prejudge anything in advance. LIV Golf's Richard Bland thinks Jon Rahm would be a great addition to LIV Golf. Having one of the best golfers on Tour is certainly a big deal. "If that is the case then what an addition to the league," Bland said, as quoted by!

"He's always been one of those players that's not really been outspoken about LIV. He's always gone, 'They're doing their thing, we're doing our thing,' and he's never had a bad word to say. "

Richard Bland on Jon Rahm

Ever since the arrival of LIV Golf on the big stage, Rahm did not want to criticize their appearance.

His focus was to progress as a golfer and achieve success. However, he was clear that his desire is to stay on the PGA Tour! "When I've listened to him in the press he has just told it how it is, you know, he's not really got too much involved in all the crap that has gone on and things that have been said and this that and the other." Bland has been impressed with Jon Rahm's recent performances.

The Spaniard has shown that he is a really great golfer who can do great things in the future, even though he has already done a lot. "He's just gone on about his golf which is probably why he has just played the golf he has done over the last 12 months.

Coming into the Masters, Christ, he was a bit like Tiger. If he pegged it up, he won. He would be an unbelievable addition to the league."

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