Tiger Woods: Practicing 1,000 shots daily before tournaments


Tiger Woods: Practicing 1,000 shots daily before tournaments
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Tiger Woods is known as a golfer who has always been dedicated to the sport and focused on giving the best of himself. Many believe that Woods is not a person who trains a lot, but that he is actually a natural talent. It must be admitted that Woods is a huge talent.

However, on the other hand, his recent statement during a practice session with participants of the Bridgestone Collegiate Development Program has changed the opinion of some regarding training; “When I’m getting ready for tournaments, I make sure that each and every day I have 1,000 contacts with the club”.

- Woods said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com! Woods decided to explain his statement to the participants and thus impress them. “That doesn’t mean hitting 1,000 balls on a range. That means possibly, maybe hitting 100 balls on a range, 300 chip shots, 600 putts." His next sentences are a sufficient indication that training and practice are key in this sport.

If you constantly repeat certain moves, there are huge chances that you will become at least approximately perfect at it. Woods spent much of his time in this way and became a legend of this sport. “You break it up to however you want to break it up.

That develops feel and sensation that never goes away”.

Participants and their reactions

One of the participants had only words of praise for Woods, who once again showed his qualities. Learning from him is surely every golfer's dream.

“To see this man in person now, to have him go on the range, have me hit some balls in front of him, fix the little things here and there and then to hit them good. That’s a memory I will never forget." Another participant is grateful for an important life lesson. “I just can’t really put it into words how excited I am and how exciting that was. Wow”.

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