Tiger Woods: "I am surprised and frustrated"


Tiger Woods: "I am surprised and frustrated"
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“Surprised and frustrated”: Tiger Woods talks PGA Tour and PIF framework agreement On the occasion of the press conference on the sidelines of the Hero World Challenge, Tiger Woods expressed for the first time his thoughts on the framework agreement signed last June by the PGA Tour, the PIF and the DP World Tour.

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To the specific question about what he felt after the shock announcement of June 6th he replied: “I would say my reaction was to be surprised” “It all happened quickly without any information about it.

(The agreement) was just thrown on the table." “What happened was very frustrating for all of us and we have taken the necessary measures to ensure player involvement” “We had no intention of being left out of the operation, as was happening” “And so my appointment to the board (the Player Advisory Council, NDR), which I accepted, became part of the operation”.

And he added, in an extremely serious tone: “No one knew anything. This will never happen again." In light of all this, the appointment of Tiger Woods would therefore appear to represent the culmination of a guarantee action against Jay Monahan.

The Commissioner still enjoys the trust of Woods, who however sends him a very clear message: “I think Jay is aware of the fact that what happened cannot happen again, not with the players who are now involved and not with the role that the Players Directors have”.

Regarding the agreement, which he does not hesitate to define as "murky", he declared: “I am confident that a (final, NDR) agreement will be concluded in some way” “Whether this happens by December 31st, or whether it needs to be postponed, all parties involved know that we are working together” “There are no cases in court, everyone is working without animosity” “We are working to reach an agreement that is appropriate for the Tour and all interested parties”.

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