Tiger Woods: "Rafael Nadal is extraordinary"


Tiger Woods: "Rafael Nadal is extraordinary"
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Tiger Woods is ready to participate this week in the Hero World Challenge, a world ranking tournament that takes place in the Bahamas and with twenty of the best players in the world. It will be his return after not being able to finish the Augusta Masters last April due to the pain he was experiencing in his right leg.

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Woods, at 47, has struggled to last eighteen holes of play since his car accident in February 2021 that caused serious injuries to his right foot and leg. However, he is not resigned and is looking for a return for the 2024 season, with the goal of playing one tournament per month.

Therefore, he will use this week's Hero as a test bed. "In the tournament I shared with my son I realized that maybe I can do it. I have played many holes. I am not worried about walking 90 holes thanks to the device placed on my foot, but my knee, my back hurt...", has counted.

He is ready to try again. "The difficult part has been the six months without doing anything, especially the first two... But here I am," he said. Woods set a clear example that you can return to the highest level after a tough injury.

"What Rafa did in Australia 2022 was extraordinary, winning with a broken foot. The passion with which he plays is an inspiration," the golfer said about the model he has set his sights on to try to return. Not only is Tiger focused on trying to return, but he is also closely following the negotiations between the PGA and the LIV.

"The players are more involved in these types of decisions and I am happy with how the process has evolved. But December 31 is approaching quickly and there are still many requests from the players that we want to see implemented," he said.

Tiger Woods' 2023 has so far seen his withdrawal from the Masters, and his absence from the PGA Championships and his announced absence from the US Open.

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