Will Zalatoris on golfer's worst nightmare

Zalatoris returns to the golf course after a long time

by Sead Dedovic
Will Zalatoris on golfer's worst nightmare
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Tiger Woods is not the only one who will play in the Hero World Challenge after injury. Will Zalatoris, a great 27-year-old golfer, also withdrew from the Masters this year due to a back injury. Zalatoris had to take a break for a long time, and now he will have a chance to return.

It is frustrating when injuries mark your career, but it is necessary to be patient and believe in yourself. “It's been an interesting seven months. You know, kind of a golfer's worst nightmare is feeling your back giving out on the driving range at Augusta 30 minutes before your tee time.

But no, it's been a patience game. It's been a grind, you know. I had a lot of really good advice from guys that have had to go through the same thing and all of them said take your time, no one's ever come back from an injury taking too long.

”-Zalatoris said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com!

Will Zalatoris: I was on a pretty strict ball count

Zalatoris emphasized that he only started training a few months ago. He had to be careful and follow the instructions.

Given that he knew how important it was to follow the doctor's instructions, Zalatoris was precise and trained as much as he could. During each day he felt a dose of progress.
“You know, I think I really started hitting balls probably a couple months ago.

Really each week has just progressively gotten a little bit better. I was on a pretty strict ball count, strict amount of time of how much I could practice. Had to spend a lot of time doing rehab basically six days a week. You know, so it's been - I know way more about the anatomy now than I think I ever really wanted to, but I feel really good right now”.