Jordan Spieth on Tiger Woods' focus: PGA Tour players always on his mind


Jordan Spieth on Tiger Woods' focus: PGA Tour players always on his mind
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Jordan Spieth thinks Tiger Woods is awesome for what he's done on the PGA Tour Policy Board. They're figuring out a deal with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) for LIV Golf, and Woods has been a big part of that. Although Tiger is a golfer who can focus on other things, he once again shows how important the PGA Tour is to him, and how grateful he is to them for everything.

“I mean, what he's done for us prior to any of this is can't be overstated. But it is really cool that he's spending the time and the effort that he has been. I know he doesn't sleep a lot, but he's spending most of his waking hours thinking about how to better the PGA Tour for the players.

And he doesn't have to do that. He could ride off into the sunset if he wants. We know that's not his personality, but it is really, really cool that he's wanted to step up and take the role that he has”. - Spieth said, as quoted by!

Tiger Woods' impact

Tiger Woods is a person who left a huge mark on the golf scene. His appearance alone is enough to bring about changes. When you have such an influence, then surely your voice can be very important in making crucial decisions.

Therefore, the PGA Tour can be happy to have Woods. “He’s not stepping in to throw influence anywhere. It just comes with him when he walks in the door. He's a listener and he has a lot of experience. He's seen the PGA Tour go through a lot of different changes over almost 30 years for him now.

He comes with that kind of perspective as well as somehow a way of recognizing what can be good for the PGA Tour and its entire membership when he's never been an ordinary member, but it doesn't seem lost on him." Talks with the PIF are getting serious, and they've set a deadline for December 31st to finish things.

Spieth is trying to be optimistic and expects an agreement to be reached as soon as possible.
“There's nothing but optimism amongst the player directors. Collectively we feel that we're going to get something done that's great for our Tour, and hopefully done by the same deadline that we've been trying to”.

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