Tiger Woods surprised by PGA Tour/PIF merger process

"We were very frustrated with what happened"

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods surprised by PGA Tour/PIF merger process
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Even though Tiger Woods wasn't playing golf, he stayed busy providing support for the PGA Tour, where he made a name for himself. In August, he joined the PGA Tour Policy Board as a Player Director. This happened after the Tour surprised everyone by teaming up with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) which stood behind LIV Golf.

Tiger Woods was disappointed by the behavior of PGA Tour leaders, who did not want to inform anyone, not even golfers, that they decided to enter into a merger. Woods aims to make sure PGA Tour players get info early on. Plus, he wants to help make the big decisions too.

“My reaction was surprised as I'm sure a lot of the players were taken aback by it, by what happened. So quickly without any input or any information about it, it was just thrown out there. I was very surprised that the process was what it was.

We were very frustrated with what happened and we took steps going forward to ensure that the player involvement was not going - we were not going to be left out of the process like we were. So part of that process was putting me on the board and accepting that position."- Woods said, quoted by golfmonthly.com!

Jay Monahan and Tiger Woods

Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour commissioner drew ire on himself by not informing any of the golfers of the decisions. Soon after, a lot of criticism for Monahan followed. It was not easy for him in those moments, but he realized that he had made a mistake.

Woods does not want such things to happen again in the future.
“I think Jay has been a part of the direction, he understands what happened prior to that can't happen again and won't happen again, not with the players that are involved and not with the player directors having the role that we have”.

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