Luke Donald: I have 22 months to prep guys for handling crowd


Luke Donald: I have 22 months to prep guys for handling crowd
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Luke Donald will be the captain of the European team again, this time in the USA in 2025. That will be the biggest challenge in his career: to win the Ryder Cup trophy on American soil. Donald is aware of the difficult challenge that awaits him.

However, if Donald didn't believe it was possible to achieve such a goal, he wouldn't be where he is. "Playing away is a different animal. It's a bigger challenge. It's something that excites me and that's really the reason why I want to do this."- Donald said, as quoted by!

Donald believes that the USA will have the advantage of the crowd. It is not easy to achieve success in such conditions. However, when you have quality players and unity in the team, no goal is impossible. "As Rory said in the press, that's the ultimate to try to win away from home.

Certainly done it twice as a player, but it's not easy and it hasn't been done many times in Ryder Cups - we have to go back to 2012 for it to be in the US. So it's not easy. We know that in any sport when you have the crowd behind you it's a big advantage and certainly I'll have to figure out ways to kind of counter that."- he continued.

Luke Donald on preparing the team

Donald emphasized that he will especially work on the mental aspect with the players. Playing in such an atmosphere can be very difficult. Those who are more experienced certainly have better mechanisms to deal with it.

The younger ones will have to prepare for something completely new. Luke is aware that he will have 22 months to think carefully about how to prepare the team. It is a long period in which many things will change. However, his goals are clear!

"Certainly that's part of the challenge. All Ryder Cups are loud and boisterous and New York won't be any different and maybe even more so. But I played at Bethpage a few times and the New Yorkers love their sport and they love some jostling and all that kind of that goes with it.

Obviously I have 22 months to try and figure out how to get the guys in the right frame of mind to deal with that, with the crowd. It's the same every time you go away and New York might be a touch - a notch above that, but again, that's to be seen.

I've got 22 months now to try to figure that and those were sort of the things that will certainly be swishing around in my brain over the next few weeks."- Donald said.

Luke Donald