Luke Donald's response to potential Tiger Woods' 2024 US team captaincy


Luke Donald's response to potential Tiger Woods' 2024 US team captaincy
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Although there are still two years left until the start of the new Ryder Cup, which will be played in the USA, rumors are already circulating that Tiger Woods could be the captain of the US team. Luke Donald, who was officially confirmed yesterday as the captain of the European team for the 2025 Ryder Cup, commented on the potential chance of Woods becoming the captain of the US team.

Luke does not want to put too much emphasis on who will be the captain of the opposing team. His focus is to achieve victory! "The desire to win, whoever the captain is, is strong. Obviously, Tiger's been mentioned as a possible candidate and we'll have to wait and see.

If it's him great, if it's someone else, great. "- Donald said, as quoted by! It will be an interesting challenge to prepare the team for visiting the USA. Donald did not forget to mention crowd impact. In addition, he is aware that the USA team has quality.

He has a period left in which he will give his maximum in order to adequately prepare the team for the biggest challenge in their career! "In the meantime, my role is to try and, again, start the preparations and try and figure out the best opportunity for us to be successful again come September in 2025 in New York.

So that's really my focus."

Luke Donald: I have great admiration for Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is someone we don't need to talk about much. The fact that he can be the captain of the US team is already causing excitement. Having such a leader is immediately a great advantage.

However, Donald does not want to pay too much attention to it. "I've got to play a lot of times with Tiger in my career. I have great admiration for what he's done, what he's done in the game. You would think he was going to be a Ryder Cup captain at some point and if it's this time, great, if it's another time, great, but, again, it's not really my focus.

Again, it's something a little bit out of my control, so I'm not really trying to think about it and once it happens, then we'll address it. But if it's Tiger or someone else, again, I'm looking forward to the challenge of being captain once more."- he concluded.

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