Matt Fitzpatrick on the reasons why he reported Morikawa and his caddy


Matt Fitzpatrick on the reasons why he reported Morikawa and his caddy
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Collin Morikawa received a two-shot penalty at the Hero World Challenge. Morikawa's caddy, Jonathan Jakovac, made a big mistake and used the device on the practice green to calculate slope and then added that information to his handwritten notes.

Such things are against the rules. Matt Fitzpatrick noticed this and decided to report them. Fitzpatrick later explained in a media interview how it all looked. He knew that what Collin and Jakovac were doing was not according to the rules.

Matt wanted to do the same thing, but his caddy warned him that it wasn't very smart. "I was on the green, I heard Collin ask the question and J.J gave him an answer from his yardage book. I have wanted to use AimPoint earlier this year.

I spoke to my putting coach, Phil Kenyon, about it. He told me that he was pretty certain I can't write the numbers down or use the AimPoint numbers. So, you know, I didn't do it."- Matt said, as quoted by!

Matt Fitzpatrick: Listen, it's nothing personal

Fitzpatrick was frustrated by what he saw.

He believes that no matter who did it, he would have done the same. Matt wants to play a fair game where everyone will have the same chance to win. "J.J, before we went out, explained why he did what he did or whatever. He said he had done his homework and he had gone out there and rolled the balls as what we were told you were allowed to do.

I was like: 'listen, that's not the advice I was given'; I'm pretty sure he was given different advice. And then obviously yesterday it happened and I asked Coxy just to clarify what the situation was. I asked the question and he was like: 'well, now you've asked the question, I need you to tell me what's going on'

That was it. Listen, it's nothing personal. Whether it was Tiger or whoever, it's just I wanted to know because I would have used it earlier this year."

Matt Fitzpatrick