Collin Morikawa on Hero World Challenge penalty: It's not how I wanted to end 2023


Collin Morikawa on Hero World Challenge penalty: It's not how I wanted to end 2023
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Collin Morikawa encountered significant issues during the Hero World Challenge, particularly receiving a two-stroke penalty on the fourth hole. According to Morikawa, PGA Tour's Chief Referee, Stephen Cox, informed him about the penalty only 25 minutes before he was set to tee off.

Morikawa expressed dissatisfaction with the rules, stating that he and his caddy had consulted with others and believed they weren't violating any regulations.
"Yeah, no. Look, got assessed a two-stroke penalty on four yesterday for what we had deemed to be an OK thing.

And the only reason why we deemed that, what we had in our notes was OK, was because he had asked other officials, he had asked other caddies and it sounded as if other people were doing this. And when you ask an official something, you assume it's right.

Well, apparently if they tell you something wrong one day in a different tournament does not carry on, and I understand that we made the mistake. But look, from our understanding it was fine to use a level on the practice green and see how putts break and write that down.

Obviously it's not. But it just seems like there's such a grey line in today's rules. And not with a lot of rules, but just with things like this, you know. He said he made it clear, but I think if you go ask -- J.J. was asking every caddie today, and obviously there's a small field in asking all the caddies, all the players, and it seemed as if we weren't doing things wrong, right? I think you can ask other players.

"- Morikawa said, as quoted by!

Collin Morikawa: We made the mistake

Morikawa admits they made a mistake. He did not want to end his year in this way, but he is aware that he has to accept things as they are.

Collin had the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and change things for the future. Everyone knows his qualities well. "Look, at the end of the day we made the mistake and it's on us. Thankfully it only happened that one time.

And I promise you it only did happen on the fourth hole because he read a putt wrong on the first hole with his feet and I fired him in the first round from reading my putts and it was what it was. Look, it's not how I wanted to end 2023, but to know that for me not hitting balls up until Monday and taking pretty much a month off because of multiple reasons, it's nice to just know that I can still put together a few rounds even when * hits the fan."

Collin Morikawa