Paul McGinley on Jon Rahm and LIV Golf: Never say never


Paul McGinley on Jon Rahm and LIV Golf: Never say never
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The rumors surrounding Jon Rahm's potential move to LIV Golf continue. Many speculate that the Spanish golfer might depart from the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf if the right offer comes along. Former European Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley is among those reacting to these rumors.

McGinley doubts the validity of these claims. He points out that Jon Rahm previously expressed his desire to stay loyal to the PGA Tour, supporting McGinley's view. Fans of the PGA Tour and this golfer are worried that things could change in the next few days and weeks.

McGinley believes in Rahm's loyalty, but.. "Everybody is in the dark because he hasn't denied it. But any of us who know Jon would be surprised if he did that."- McGinley said, as quoted by!

Paul McGinley: You can never discount anything

Looking at the events on the golf scene in the last year, we can understand that there are no impossible things.

Because of this, pessimism reigns among golf fans. "But what we have learned in the last two years is that you can never discount anything, so it's not going to be discounted by anyone within the game. You know, at the moment the game is a diluted product and my hope is that at the end of these negotiations it won't be a diluted product any more.

" McGinley hopes that there will be a unification of the golf scene. At this moment, golf as a sport is in total chaos, since the moment LIV Golf appeared. We can see a lot of conflicts every day. The PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger gives hope that changes may be coming.

"Hopefully we can get to a place where it's unified and in a better place again. I don't think the public benefits from a diluted product.
I think the whole game would benefit from a more united product again and hopefully we can get to that place."

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