Keegan Bradley: For the amateur world to hit the ball shorter is monstrous


Keegan Bradley: For the amateur world to hit the ball shorter is monstrous
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Golf ball rollback plans could become a reality. Governing bodies of the golf scene have been announcing for some time that there could be changes. Such changes did not meet with many positive reactions. It is really difficult to predict what can be expected. Keegan Bradley is one of those who is shocked by these potential changes.

He believes that the USGA is not thinking about solutions. Bradley especially does not understand why such changes must also affect amateur golf. "I think that the USGA … everything that they do is reactionary.
They don't think of a solution.
They just think we're going to affect a hundred percent of the population that plays golf.
For the amateur world to hit the ball shorter is monstrous.
I can't think of anything more stupid than that.
I don't think it's very smart at all, especially when golf's growing in popularity literally coming out of COVID

"- Bradley said, as quoted by!

Rickie Fowler reacts

Rickie Fowler is another one of those who believes that such changes are unnecessary at a time when golf is experiencing more expansion and enormous popularity.

Although the goal of golf leaders is for golf to continue to progress, most golfers believe that this is a step back. As we have already said, it is really difficult to see what these changes will bring, but governing bodies cannot be happy after seeing the reactions of pro golfers.

"To take the game and knock it back when it’s in the best position it’s ever been in, I don't want to see it as the golf ball being necessarily the right move.
I don't see how when we're at the best place the game has ever been 'Oh, you love the game? Yeah.

Hey, thanks for joining us over COVID.
Now we're going to make you hit it 20 yards shorter. 'Have fun.'
I understand both sides. But looking at it as far as the game and everyone talks about growing the game, I think it's going to be a huge step back."
- Fowler said.

Keegan Bradley