Barcelona is working to host the Ryder Cup


Barcelona is working to host the Ryder Cup
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The president of the Higher Sports Council, Víctor Francos, has revealed the Government's ambitious plans to turn Barcelona into the world epicenter of sport. Among the projects, a second Copa América stands out, the Athletics World Cup in 2029, the Rugby World Cup in 2031 or 2035 (the latter already assigned to the USA), the Ryder Cup 2031, which Girona aspires to host, and a headquarters for the 2030 Soccer World Cup to be organized together with Portugal and Morocco.

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According to Francos, "we are doing our homework with Barcelona and Catalonia." And it is no wonder, since the Government has made an unprecedented commitment to the Copa América 2024, with a non-refundable investment of 23 million euros.

Strong support for an event that will be held between August and October of the same year. But not only that, the president of the CSD explained that, if it wins the next edition of the oldest regatta in the world, the organizing team, Team New Zealand, would have "a firm will to repeat Barcelona as its headquarters." Without a doubt, excellent news that, according to Francos, is "on the right track." Get ready, a decade full of high-level sporting excitement is coming.

Francos argued enthusiastically about why Barcelona should be considered again to host the next sporting event: "It is an amazing place that has worked with serious institutions, and has solved challenging problems in record time.

We have created a reputation and such an admirable image that they want to stay here. When asked what would happen if next year's winner were a squad other than New Zealand, the Spanish sports leader responded humorously: "Whoever wins, who would want to leave Barcelona?" Regarding his expectations for upcoming sporting events, Francos urged Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat to show a "solid commitment" to ensure that Catalonia and Barcelona have a place in the 2030 World Cup.

He left it in the hands of these institutions the decision to become the official host of the tournament. During his first public event in the Catalan capital after the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez as president of the government, the president of the CSD highlighted that they are "actively working" to ensure the organization of the Ryder Cup 2031, as well as the World Athletics Championships.

2029 and the Rugby World Cup in 2031 or 2035, which would also take place in Barcelona. Although he does not hide it, the president of the Delegate Commission of the Generalitat for Formula One Affairs, Víctor Francos, has questioned the continuity of the Formula One Grand Prix in Montmeló.

Making it clear that this is the first time that its survival is in danger, the circuit concession ends in 2026 and there is already an alternative project presented by IFEMA in Madrid. Understanding Catalonia's concerns about the possible loss of this event, Francos has stated that there is a competition with Madrid, which has presented a semi-urban circuit.

This would represent an alternative to Barcelona in the organization of the Spanish Grand Prix. Despite this, the president wanted to clarify that the final decision does not depend directly on his government. The Formula One organization is a private business, which sells its organizational rights to the highest bidder, not only in economic terms.

In short, the continuity of the Formula One Grand Prix in Montmeló is an unknown and only time will tell if Madrid wins the day or if Barcelona continues organizing one of the most emblematic races on the Formula One calendar.

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