Simon Holmes on Jon Rahm: He's tired of being treated like a puppet

Jon Rahm may be leaving the PGA Tour. Golf fans are in awe

by Sead Dedovic
Simon Holmes on Jon Rahm: He's tired of being treated like a puppet
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The potential joining of Jon Rahm with LIV Golf remains a hot topic. The Spaniard has been associated with LIV Golf for some time, and many view his potential departure as a significant setback for the PGA Tour. The Sky Sports Golf podcast provided an opportunity to discuss these rumors, with Simon Holmes being one of the guests.

He expressed deep concern about Rahm potentially leaving the PGA Tour, not just for Rahm himself but also for the golf scene. "LIV's arrival with the new league, the pricing for the new talent is crazy," said Holmes, as quoted by!

"What I worry about is will it destroy the fabric of the game? I'd be so upset if Jon Rahm goes. Even more upset if the division between one league and the other continues, and as a golf fan I hardly ever get to see the best players compete against each other.

That is really going to damage the game more than anything else."

Simon Holmes: There's an element of Jon Rahm being sick

Holmes has an interesting theory; Perhaps Rahm is tired of the negotiations between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour and what is going on, and he could decide to join LIV Golf out of anger.

"Is this a point where he has had enough and says, 'you're all looking after yourselves, so I'm going to look after myself'? I'm guessing but it I think there's an element of Rahm being sick and tired of being used like a puppet." PGA Tour golfers have expressed displeasure since the PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger was confirmed.

Jon Rahm didn't have much to say about it, but he seemed angry that the golfers weren't asked for their opinions. "He has been quite open that he doesn't feel heard. He doesn't like that Rory maybe gets a bit more attention than he does. There's that part to it. He seems like he has had enough."

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