Former Ryder Cup player Victor Dubuisson announces retirement


Former Ryder Cup player Victor Dubuisson announces retirement
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Victor Dubuisson was scheduled to perform at the LIV Golf Qualifying Event in Abu Dhabi. However, at the last moment he changed his mind and decided to retire. Many were surprised by his decision, especially considering that Dubisson is 33 years old.

The Frenchman confirmed his decision in an interview with the media. Dubuisson emphasized that he does not regret anything and that he has achieved a lot in his career. Looking back on his beginnings and his successes, Victor believes that he must be satisfied.

“I feel like I’ve reached my limits, and I know I can find pleasure elsewhere. I’m convinced of that,” Dubuisson said, as quoted by! “Many people will say that I could have done more and that I could have been world No.

1. But I’m more than happy with [my career]. I don’t live in regret all the time. When I look behind me, where I started and where I am, I can tell you that I am very happy”.

Victor Dubuisson: I started from nothing

Victor Dubuisson does not regret anything.

It's a decision he consciously made! The Frenchman remembers his beginnings with nostalgia. In those moments, it seemed to him that he would not succeed, especially because he started from nothing. When you don't have huge expectations, then any success is a positive thing.

“It’s life. For me, it’s not an end,” Dubuisson continued. “I started from nothing, so I’m extremely satisfied with what I’ve done. I still see myself as a little kid with my little bag and my Decathlon clubs.

I was not predestined to have this career at all”. It is still not known what his plans are for the future, but it is obvious that golf is not a sport that makes him as happy as it used to be.

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