Billy Horschel provides a solution to golf ball rollback ideas

Horschel emphasized that he expected such changes

by Sead Dedovic
Billy Horschel provides a solution to golf ball rollback ideas
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Billy Horschel is one of the golfers who reacted to the R&A and USGA changes. Rolling back the golf ball, judging by his statements, is not an ideal thing. Horschel has a different idea. He primarily believes that the golf ball is not the only culprit.

"I think it was expected but I've been pretty clear on my position for the last decade with my stance on the golf ball and not blaming the golf ball for the increase in distance," Horschell said to NBC Sports, quoted by!

Billy Horschel gives his solution

Horschel is a big proponent of driver-head technology changes. Hitting the sweet spot used to be a big deal, but over time it seems that skill has lost its meaning. Horschel wants to see the same things again as before.

This amazing golfer aims to make golf a sport that highlights skill and maximizes entertainment value. "But the one skillset that has been lost because of the advances in technology that we have all reaped the benefits of - amateurs and pros - is the importance of hitting the sweet spot [with the driver]," he continued.

"It's been diminished over time because the clubs have advanced so much technologically. The sweet spot is so much bigger that you don't have to be as precise to hit the sweet spot and if you are a little bit off it still goes straight.

If there was a way we could reduce that - at least with the driver - I'm not sure it would go less far [than rolled-back balls] but what you would see is that the ball would go more off line and mishits would be punished more.

That would be my solution." Many have also offered solutions, but it is hard to expect governing bodies to change their decisions. At this point, the only option left is to accept things as they are and adapt. We will wait for some time until these ideas become an absolute reality.

Billy Horschel