Final confirmation of Jon Rahm's LIV move is expected: Tweet caused reactions


Final confirmation of Jon Rahm's LIV move is expected: Tweet caused reactions
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There is growing fear among PGA Tour fans about Jon Rahm's future. Currently one of the best PGA Tour players could leave this Tour and join LIV Golf. Although such rumors seemed ridiculous a few months ago, now there is a real chance of such an outcome happening.

Especially when we consider the social media posts by Flushing It! They confirmed via Twitter that Rahm will become part of LIV Golf and find his team in the next few days. "Jon Rahm’s move to LIV is expected to be announced in the coming days.

There will not be any immediate major changes to the format of the league and Jon will be getting his own team."- they wrote on X. Yesterday, Flushing It caused even more nervousness and emphasized that the departure of Rahm could be confirmed.

Although there is still no official confirmation, many believe that this could happen in the next few days. The Spaniard has certainly been offered a huge amount of money that is hard to refuse. However, we do not want to prejudge or confirm anything.

The coming days could reveal a lot. "Final confirmation of Jon Rahm’s LIV move is expected to be announced later today, or possibly overnight on/before the broadcast for the LIV Promotion Event. Players in Abu Dhabi say there is a real buzz on the ground and people are very excited for the future of the league."- Flushing It wrote yesterday!

Simon Holmes reacts

Simon Holmes is one of those who had an interesting reaction to such rumors. He believes that Rahm is angry at the current happenings in the golf scene. Out of anger, he might make an unpopular decision.

PGA Tour leaders can hardly do much if Rahm decides to continue his career at LIV Golf. It will be a big loss for them. "Is this a point where he has had enough and says, 'you're all looking after yourselves, so I'm going to look after myself'? I'm guessing but it I think there's an element of Rahm being sick and tired of being used like a puppet."

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