Rory McIlroy on the biggest fear after the departure of Jon Rahm


Rory McIlroy on the biggest fear after the departure of Jon Rahm
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Jon Rahm's joining LIV Golf caused fear among PGA Tour gofers, executives and fans. The fact is that one of the best players on the Tour made an unpopular decision and joined the rival Tour. Rory McIlroy, currently the most popular face of the PGA Tour, tries to be optimistic in these difficult moments.

In an interview with Sky Sports, the Northern Irishman stressed that he is afraid that such things could happen in the future and thus create an even bigger disturbance that has already been going on for a year. "My fear is that we continue down this path where we have competing tours, and it divides the eyeballs that are on the game, some people like LIV, the majority of people like PGA Tour," McIlroy told Sky Sports.

"But if LIV start to take a few players each and every year, it's really going to be divided. And that's no good for anyone, you're basically cannibalising yourself as a sport. Sort of the same as what boxing has done with all the different organizations and a few other sports as well.

So to me having all the best golfers under the one umbrella is the best way forward, because I think that's really what the public wants."

Rory McIlroy: We need to get everyone back together

The PGA Tour and PIF, supporters of LIV Golf, are still negotiating, with a few weeks remaining until a potential agreement by December 31.

Rory McIlroy stresses the importance of unity right now, urging everyone to let go of past issues. With widespread aggression, frustration, and a readiness to fight, McIlroy suggests that the sport's future may struggle to see brighter days.

With so many unexpected situations happening right now, it's really tough to predict what's coming in the next few days or weeks. "My fear is, and the Majors are already so big, if we keep going down this path, all the best players are only gonna get together four times a year," he said.

"So that means golf is only going to be relevant four times a year, and that's good for no one in the game. That's my feeling of it. We need to get everyone back together and try to forget about what's happened in the past, let bygones be bygones and we all move forward together, and I think that's what's going to be the best thing for the professional game."

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