Jordan Spieth denied rumors about Patrick Cantlay: It's not true!


Jordan Spieth denied rumors about Patrick Cantlay: It's not true!
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It doesn't seem like Patrick Cantlay is leading the PGA Tour's talks with Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), at least according to Jordan Spieth. The PGA Tour and PIF haven't struck a deal yet, and the clock is ticking; the deadline is December 31st.

Jordan Spieth emphasized that Cantlay is smart and measured in everything. However, it is still stated that he is not the key person in the negotiations, given that such decisions are made as a group. “There’s no fact to it,” Spieth said, as quoted by!

“It’s been very collective since I’ve jumped on. It’s not even a thing. We’re looking for the best outcome for the players as a whole, and it’s six persons [as player directors]. He’s (Cantlay) very smart and he’s very measured in everything he says.

He doesn’t waste words, and a lot of times that comes across as demanding. But in no way, shape or form does he control anything. He wants objectivity when it seems that isn’t the case. "

Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay was the target of criticism for not wearing a hat during the Ryder Cup.

Many considered it a form of protest. However, Spieth emphasized that Cantlay is the person who has done a lot for the PGA Tour, more than anyone. “I believe he’s done more for the PGA Tour in the last six months on the board than anyone since Tiger," Spieth said.

"That’s how great he’s been for the membership. It’s like he’s the biggest issue and it couldn’t be further from the truth”.
Spieth also commented on a current topic on the golf scene: Jon Rahm joining LIV Golf.

“It’s a really nice play by them [the Saudis],” Spieth said. “I think we hold the best hand, but they know what our hand is. It’s a nice leveraging tool with everything going on”.

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