Jon Rahm and the silence of the PGA Tour

In an interview with David Feherty, the Spanish champion explained the reasons behind his decision

by Andrea Gussoni
Jon Rahm and the silence of the PGA Tour
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In an interview with David Feherty, the Spanish champion explained the reasons behind his decision: “Many things have changed in the world of golf in the last two years and, as a result, I have changed too”. "I have followed the path of LIV Golf and the innovation it has brought.

That's why we are here today." "Not all reasons can be made public, but I made this decision for various reasons, aiming for my own good" "Don't get me wrong, it was an attractive, important offer, one of the reasons that pushed me to decide." “It's interesting the progress I've seen, how this operation has turned into such a big business and its positive impact on the game”.

“However, as with all things, it is not perfect”. “I am confident that senior management at LIV Golf will be willing to take on board my advice to make future changes to help advance the game”. "I believe in the growth of golf and it would be exciting to reach an even larger audience.

I believe this operation can help me do that."

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The relevance of the amount that Rahm will collect from LIV Golf is undeniable, as is the fact that the Spaniard has so far been extremely balanced in his comments on the dispute between the PGA Tour and LIV.

Rahmbo had the chance to break the deadlock on the framework agreement between Tours and, thanks to his decision, the mechanism was (re-)set in motion.
The LIV Golf project is part of Vision 2030 and the PIF Sovereign Fund has the implementation of the initiative in its hands, supported by the theoretically unlimited funds available.

As John Nucci, head of golf at Conduct Detrimental, rightly observed, the amount of the agreement with Rahm represents only 0.086% of the assets managed by the PIF, making it difficult, if not impossible, to compete with LIV Golf under this point of view, as the PGA Tour mistakenly thought.
At this point, stigmatizing the fact that the Saudis focus on the economic aspect is useless, if not counterproductive.

The PGA Tour has chosen to remain silent on the matter and it appears that the situation will remain that way for the time being. Rahm's contract signing with the Saudi League made a lot of noise, yet the PGA Tour remained silent about it, seemingly busy with other issues - such as ball roll back.
So far, the only comments have come from the players themselves, with Justin Rose calling Jon's arrival a great achievement for LIV and a major disappointment for the PGA Tour.

Andrew "Beef" Johnston also expressed his displeasure with the Rahm agreement.
On the media side, Brandel Chamblee, a well-known opponent of the Saudi initiative, declared that Rahm sold his career to LIV Golf. However, he later suddenly declared his support for the deal, deeming it the best solution for the PGA Tour.

It remains to be seen whether Rahm's arrival will guarantee the success of LIV, which at the time raised some doubts about its survival.

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