Padraig Harrington on the consequences of Jon Rahm joining LIV Golf


Padraig Harrington on the consequences of Jon Rahm joining LIV Golf
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Jon Rahm's move to LIV Golf has sparked numerous debates and raised questions about the future of this sport. If rumors are to be believed, Rahm paid $600 million to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf. Both golf experts and players are of the opinion that such a figure could entirely revolutionize the stakes involved in this sport.

Padraig Harrington had an interesting reaction, commenting on Rahm's departure via X. “Interesting consequence of the LIV/ Rahm 560m$ deal. It sets a very high anchor price for future signings as well as renegotiations for current players”.

- he wrote on X.

Padraig Harrington on golfer expectations

Harrington believes that this will not apply to all golfers, but only to the best. It is clear that LIV Golf leaders understand how important it is to have Rahm, but it is also certain that they are not ready to pay that kind of money for golfers who are currently not the best in the world.

A lot of people think the Spaniard is currently one of the best, if not the best, golfers out there. “Most players will up their expectations of what they are worth but as we’ve seen with other big sponsors in the golf game, those sponsors know that they really only want to pay the top players (maybe 5 in any market) who move the needle and no one else really matters." Harrington also referred to the sponsors, as well as the costs they would have if all golfers were paid the same.

"Harsh I know but it’s how it is. Remember sponsors have to pay advertising $ to promote who they sponsor and those advertising $ cost the same to run for a top player as as lower ranked player”. The fact is that it is difficult to expect that golfers outside the top 10 will receive huge money, but it is also clear that LIV Golf is ready to offer more money and that it has greater financial power than the PGA Tour.

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