Brandel Chamblee shifts stance on the merger and shares reasons why

"Well, I hope the LIV deal goes through now."-Chamblee said.

by Sead Dedovic
Brandel Chamblee shifts stance on the merger and shares reasons why
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Brandel Chamblee was part of The Dan Patrick Show. The turbulent times in the world of golf also worry Chamblee, who has been one of the main critics of this Tour since the arrival of LIV Golf. Jon Rahm's departure from the PGA Tour and joining LIV Golf added to his concerns.

Although Brandel was against the PIF-PGA Tour deal, Jon Rahm's departure changed his view. Chamblee believes that a merger would be the best option for the PGA Tour at the moment, given that both parties would benefit. "Well, I hope the LIV deal goes through now.

It's obviously the best thing for the PGA Tour. If it goes through it remains to be seen whether LIV lives or not. If it doesn’t, it looks like Rahm was the strategic play that LIV needed to make to bring this merger together because each side has something the other side wants.

”- Chamblee said, as quoted by!

Brandel Chamblee: They both have something that they want

The PGA Tour does not have the financial power that LIV Golf does. The fact that many top golfers have left the PGA Tour and joined LIV Golf speaks volumes.

PGA Tour leaders are aware that it is difficult for them to compete financially with LIV Golf. On the other hand, LIV Golf does not have the tradition, the prestige that the PGA Tour has. Unification seems like a good option for everyone.

“Obviously the PGA Tour would like an infusion of money but LIV looks at the PGA Tour and what they see as a seat at the table, legitimacy, legacy. Every one of the 50 million golfers in the world knows about the history of the PGA Tour.

They have the respect and recognition of commercial entities, broad commercial entities, whereas there is a lot of pushback for Saudi Arabia involvement in some of those avenues. So Saudi Arabia gets an immediate seat at the table and the respect and recognition of partnering with the single best golf entity in the world.

So they both have something that they want”. There are still 20 days left for both sides to find a common language. There are certainly many details that must be agreed upon, but they must speed up the process if they want to succeed.

“So if it comes together I think golf is better off," he said. "If it doesn’t then you are going to have this never-ending competition between LIV and the PGA Tour which, sadly, it’s hard to imagine how LIV loses here.

The governor of LIV is Yasir Al-Rumayyan who is well educated, very clever, very charming and can be quite intimidating and he loves golf”.

Brandel Chamblee