Gary McCord reveals the direction LIV Golf will take

“There is going to be a world tour of 15 events, whatever."- McCord said.

by Sead Dedovic
Gary McCord reveals the direction LIV Golf will take
© Mike Ehrmann / PGA TOUR

Gary McCord, a well-known face of the golf scene, commented on the most important topic on the golf stage at the moment: Jon Rahm's departure from the PGA Tour and joining LIV Golf. Despite high expectations for LIV Golf's future, Cord argues that without ranking points, it won't lure more players.

“They can’t they can’t get the big players because the big players will finally, after and not getting world ranking points, going to fall out of the majors,” McCord told GOLF Subpar!
Gary McCord is a man who has vast experience and knows the goings on in the world of golf well.

Therefore, his predictions are considered important by many, and they believe that the world of golf could be headed in the direction that McCord believes it will go. It is interesting how Gary sees the future of this sport.

“There is going to be a world tour of 15 events, whatever. Take your pick, 15 or 20 events. It’s going to be at the top. All the other tours can be below it and they’re going to be sanctioned to bring players in when these players fall out”.

Gary McCord on the team aspect

Gary referred to the team aspect that promotes LIV Golf, but also Tiger Woods with his TGL. It seems that the primary concern of today's sport is business. Earn huge money and attract the attention of sponsors.

This is most visible in the work of LIV Golf.

“What [Tiger Woods’ TGL is] trying to do, and LIV, is build team— build equity in the team,” he said. “And then you go buy the team, you buy the merchandise, you buy all that.

The Ryder Cup has put this whole thing in perspective of what to do. Let’s let’s look at the economics of it. If I create teams, I build equity in the teams, and I can get people to come in and buy the equity in that team.

And then by the process are the revenue streams of that team. That’s huge. Where we’re going with this thing, that is going to be the pinnacle, to get outside revenue coming in”.

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