Water, an essential elements for life and golf

Water is one of the essential elements for life, and the same goes for golf

by Andrea Gussoni
Water, an essential elements for life and golf
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Water is one of the essential elements for life, and the same goes for golf. For centuries, the game of golf was limited to the Nordic countries, where rain was the only means of watering the grass. However, in the 1930s, the first irrigation systems for golf courses were introduced, which became widespread after World War II.

Golf and water

Thanks to this new technology, golf courses could be built even in previously unthinkable places, such as deserts. Furthermore, artificial lakes became a fundamental resource for the correct functioning of the irrigation system and, consequently, a highly appreciated aesthetic and strategic element in golf courses all over the world.

The lakes constitute obstacles of great visual impact for golfers: when they find themselves protecting a fairway or a green, they can arouse fear and concern, but overcoming them with a precise shot can give great satisfaction.

In summary, water and lakes are essential elements to guarantee the health and beauty of golf courses, which represent one of the most popular and fascinating sporting activities in the world. Water conservation represents one of the fundamental aspects of golf's ecological sustainability.

In fact, water basins offer a unique habitat for birds, fish and many other creatures, guaranteeing a function also on an environmental level. Furthermore, collecting rainfall and reusing it for irrigation allows us to avoid waste and create an effective circular system.

In fact, scientists around the world are developing new techniques aimed at reducing water use. Of all, the choice of macrothermal grass species such as bermuda represents the most impactful option, capable of guaranteeing savings of up to 50% in a single year.

Water also plays a fundamental role in golfers' maintenance practices and playing strategies. Creating a delicate balance between well-maintained turf and the need to conserve water resources, along with the strategic design of ponds and streams, forms the very basis of the sport.

In continuous evolution, the economical use of water, both in the maintenance phase and in the organization of the game strategy, represents an increasingly relevant aspect for the future of golf.