Tony Finau does not follow Rahm to the LIV


Tony Finau does not follow Rahm to the LIV
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Just after Jon Rahm shook the golf world by announcing his departure to LIV Golf in Saudi Arabia after having been against this league on several occasions, thus accepting a multimillion-dollar offer, the name of who he could be began to be heard.

the next to be seduced by the millions of Arabia: Tony Finau. In fact, the American golfer was not forceful when asked about his possible departure from the Great Thornton Invitational last Friday. "I have nothing to say right now.

I haven't heard anything," he replied. However, a few days later, Finau left PGA Tour fans alone. He is staying.

Tony Finau, statements

"As this year comes to a close, I am grateful to play the game I love and have the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

I am excited for 2024 and eager to play my 10th season on the PGA Tour!" Finau said through his official Instagram account, accompanying this message with the hashtag #imnotleaving ("I'm not leaving"). In this way, Finau put an end to all the rumors by ensuring his permanence on the PGA Tour for the 2024 academic year, also waiting for it to be known whether the PGA Tour and the Saudi league will finally commit to joining his path.

The PGA Tour is a professional men's golf circuit played primarily in the United States. The PGA Tour became an independent entity from the PGA in 1968. Before 1968, this championship was the PGA of America's Tournament Players Division.

The PGA Tour also manages the Champions Tour, for players aged 50 and over, and the Tour, a second-tier championship. In 1981, the PGA challenged the PGA Tour's use of the PGA acronym. At the end of August 1981, the championship was renamed TPA Tour for Tournament Players Association, but in March 1982, the PGA Tour regained its name following the settlement of the conflict with the PGA.

The PGA Tour does not organize the Ryder Cup, played by teams, and the four Grand Slam tournaments. However, these last meetings are on the calendar. The PGA Tour is also not a federation governing golf in the United States.

This role falls to the United States Golf Association. The other tournaments on the calendar are, however, organized by the PGA Tour.

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