Fred Couples angry at LIV Golfer's lies and hypocrisy


Fred Couples angry at LIV Golfer's lies and hypocrisy
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PGA Tour players leaving to join LIV Golf is causing reactions. While many deny that money is the primary motive for joining, most view their statements as insincere and hypocritical. Fred Couples expressed his outrage during a guest appearance on Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio, criticizing the statements made by LIV Golfers.

Couples believes that without money, none of them would consider joining the Tour.

“I want to see the next superstar to say, ‘I’m going to that LIV. Do you know why I’m going? Because it is unreal. They play Riviera and they play TPC Phoenix in front of 300,000 people and they do this and they do that,’ but I want them to go for free and then go on CNN and every TV show and say why they’re going because it’s that good.

100m doesn’t get it, 200m doesn’t get it, 300m doesn’t get it, but for 400, it’s a great product, it’s a great show, my ass! Tell me the next guy, if it’s Tony Finau, ‘I’m going to free, boys.

I love this tour. I don’t like the PGA Tour anymore."- Couples said, as quoted by!

Fred Couples reacts

Changing the game is an excuse Couples doesn't like to hear. He emphasizes that nothing other than money is the reason why many change their decisions and come to LIV Golf.

“No one’s going to do that, so what does that tell me? It tells me it's all about money, which is fine, but don’t sit there and then go on and say they’re changing the game. ”- he continued.
He is not particularly thrilled with the changes LIV Golf has made.

Couples is a person who has been on the golf scene for years and is well versed in the changes that have occurred from year to year. He believes that LIV Golf has not done anything revolutionary.

"What are they changing? Actually, for 50 years golf has been changed.

Arnold Palmer changed it, Jack Nicklaus changed it, Tiger Woods changed it. The LIV tour ain’t changing a thing”.

Fred Couples