Last shots of the year at the Mauritius Open

We are coming to the end of 2023, with the DP World Tour celebrating the Mauritius Open sponsored by AfrAsia bank

by Andrea Gussoni
Last shots of the year at the Mauritius Open
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We are coming to the end of 2023, with the DP World Tour celebrating the Mauritius Open sponsored by AfrAsia bank. The course that is usually followed has been changed, as the Heritage Golf Club of Bel-Ombre has inaugurated new holes in the La Réserve Golf Links.

In the past, the tournament took place in the months of May in the 2015 and 2016 editions, but this year it moved to December and maintained this timing.

Mauritius Open, schedule

Frenchman Antoine Rozner defends the title he won the previous year, when he beat Spaniard Alfredo Garcia-Heredia by five shots.

Furthermore, Rozner is one of the two participants who could enter the top 100 of the world ranking in case of victory, positioning himself around 95th position. The other is his compatriot Matthieu Pavon, who has the possibility of climbing up to 70th place.

Four Italians are also taking part in the event: Guido Migliozzi, who is trying to recover after the difficult participation in the Alfred Dunhill Championship, in which he had to face the cut; Andrea Pavan and Renato Paratore, who spent a beautiful week in South Africa; and finally Matteo Manassero, who is still focused on his ascent towards important goals.

We maintain a serious and professional tone, avoiding addressing the reader and without using exclamation points. The Republic of Mauritius, also known as Mauritius, is an island state located in the southwestern Indian Ocean approximately 550 km east of Madagascar.

In addition to the main island, it also includes the Agalega, Cargados Carajos and Rodrigues islands and is geographically part of the Mascarene Islands archipelago, which also includes the French overseas territory of Réunion, approximately 200 km to the southwest.

Mauritius has two official languages, English and French. The English language is commonly used as the island was a former British colony, from which it gained independence in 1968. The language most spoken by the local population is Mauritian Creole, a combination of French, English, South African and Indian.

There is no state religion in the Republic of Mauritius, but Hinduism is the most practiced religion, followed by the majority of the population, which has Indian roots. In fact, more than half of the Mauritian population is descended from Indian workers sent to the island during the British Empire under a regime of indebted servitude. Mauritius thus represents the only African country with a Hindu majority.

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