Bubba Watson: LIV Golf doesn't waste money, they do calculated work

"There is actually a formula. These are smart businessmen"

by Sead Dedovic
Bubba Watson: LIV Golf doesn't waste money, they do calculated work
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The departure of PGA Tour golfers to LIV Golf has caused a large number of reactions since the creation of LIV Golf. Loads of players opted to join LIV Golf, mostly because of the money. Many do not understand why PIF gives such a huge amount of money and what is their goal for the future.

However, Bubba Watson solved all the dilemmas, talking about the great work of PIF. Watson emphasized that PIF knows what it is doing, and its decisions are completely reasonable and calculated.

"When I went [to LIV], I've signed a lifetime deal with Ping, right? I have other sponsors - I have a watch sponsor, I have a clothing sponsor - so I had money.

The money is null and void. They're not just throwing out money randomly. There is actually a formula of why so-and-so gets this. There is actually a formula. These are smart businessmen. This fund [PIF] has made it because they're smart at what they do.

They own almost a piece of every company that's ever been built in the United States, right? They have a formula of how they invest their money. It's not just some made-up number, it's an actual real number for a reason. They might have added on 5%, they might have added on 2% - depending on who you are.

They might have added 0.5% for me. There's a formula out there that we have behind the scenes, it's not like: "here's a check." It's a real number for a reason."- Bubba Watson said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com!

Bubba Watson reveals the truth

Watson also revealed that many golfers want to join LIV Golf and are looking for interesting figures.

However, LIV leaders are ready to give huge money only for the best.

"There are some guys on the [PGA] Tour that just came up with random numbers, and the League is just like: "who are you?" I would never call those people out, but there are some random numbers and you're just like: "you haven't even made that much in your career!" Like, hold on a second, I know a sponsor isn't sponsoring you for that much."

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