John Daly: Why the hate for LIV Golf? Back in my time, things were just the same


John Daly: Why the hate for LIV Golf? Back in my time, things were just the same
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John Daly is one of those who have a slightly different opinion about LIV Golf than the majority. LIV brought a huge amount of money to the golf scene and thus aroused the interest of many golfers. However, Daly sees nothing wrong with that.

Looking back on his playing days and performances on the European Tour, Daly doesn't notice any difference in the days with LIV Golf compared to his golfing days.

"I think it's great. I would have played it! I was hoping that Finchem [Tim, former PGA Tour commissioner] would say: "Ok, look, guys.

[If] you play your 15 tournaments - go play it. We have to play 15 [events] on the regular tour and I think 11 or 12 on the Champions Tour. Once you do that, let us go play wherever we want. I think golf is a growing game. I'm not going to sit here and deny...

I got paid a lot of money to go and play European events - what's the difference [with LIV]? There's no difference."- Daly said, as quoted by!

John Daly

Daly is clearly a lover of innovation. He is happy that LIV Golf has changed many things and presented something that we have not seen before.

LIV Golf's management aims to make innovations in the coming period and thus attract the attention of fans of this sport.

"I think LIV looks like it's a lot of fun. I would be perfect for it. They have concerts, the guys have fun, they can wear shorts.

In the Pro-Ams, like we can now, they ride around in carts. It's almost like playing the Champions Tour."

He also emphasized that LIV Golf brings more money than the Champions Tour.
"Three days of golf, no cut. But, I will say, LIV has got a little bit bigger purses than we do on the Champions Tour.

To win $4 million for 54 holes is pretty good. And then you've got your team - if your team wins then that's an extra $900,000 extra."

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