Talor Gooch on LIV Golf format changes after Jon Rahm's arrival

“He [Rahm] has been vocal about some stuff he didn’t love"- Gooch said.

by Sead Dedovic
Talor Gooch on LIV Golf format changes after Jon Rahm's arrival
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Jon Rahm joining LIV Golf could change many things on the golf scene. After joining, the Spaniard expressed his satisfaction that he managed to reach an agreement, and is happy about the new chapter in his career. However, certain things about LIV Golf are clearly not to Rahm's taste.

This could be clearly understood from his words after signing for LIV Golf.

“For all those things that I like about this movement [LIV], there’s always going to be some things that are not perfect, but that’s the situation.

I’m hopeful that the leaders of LIV Golf might listen to some of my advice and maybe see some changes in the future for the better of the game”. - Rahm said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com!

The 72-hole format is obviously the wish of the Spaniard.

Besides that, there are a few things that Rahm wishes were different. The question is whether LIV Golf leaders will accept criticism and be ready for changes. Talor Gooch is one of those who thinks Rahm can do great things. Although through social media, some golf fans emphasize that Rahm will have no competition, Gooch disagrees.

Talor also referred to the potentially new format of LIV Golf.

“He [Rahm] has been vocal about some stuff he didn’t love, but he wouldn’t have come to LIV if he thought he was going to win 10 tournaments a year and have no competition.

He’s a true competitor. It’s beyond exciting [to have Rahm]. We haven’t had an open forum discussion with all the players. But you get both sides … guys who would welcome it [72 holes] and some guys who are opposed to it.

Discussions will be had, and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it."- Gooch said, as quoted by Golfdigest.com!

Talor Gooch: I think LIV Golf was meant to be something different

Gooch is a big fan of LIV Golf and the current format.

This great golfer believes that LIV Golf should not be the same as other Tours. The goal of LIV is to generate additional interest and present the fans with something they haven't had the chance to see before. They will strive for changes in the coming years as well.

“I think LIV Golf was meant to be something different; I think it’s not supposed to be a carbon copy of the rest of professional golf. I lean towards keeping it at 54 holes. Part of it too, from my experience on the PGA Tour, was Thursdays are just irrelevant from a fan perspective [except for] only a couple times a year.

I’ve always been an advocate of … I think the Majors absolutely should be four rounds, but I don’t necessarily think everything else should be four rounds, almost similar to tennis. We want to do everything we can to make the most entertaining product but [also] the product that’s going to reveal the best golfer”.

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