Franco Chimenti is running again for Federgolf

Anco Chimenti returns to office to become the president of Federgolf again

by Andrea Gussoni
Franco Chimenti is running again for Federgolf
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Anco Chimenti returns to office to become the president of Federgolf again. His intention emerged during a meeting with the club presidents and directors of Lombardy at the Le Rovedine golf course (Milan). The election of the president and the federal council is scheduled for next year.

"I give my availability to the clubs", declared the president of the federation after describing his experience in the months following the Ryder Cup in Rome and how the perception of golf in Italy has changed at all levels.

"That competition represented a turning point - he added - because now everyone knows us and many take us as an example since we have achieved something incredible. We are politically very strong and respected. I heard an honorable person say, regarding the race for the Universal Exhibition of 2030, a similar sentence: "Why didn't they entrust it to the person who brought the Ryder Cup to Italy?".

People recognize me and stop me on the street. The success of Rome must not be wasted. It should be used to make the work done by the Italian clubs known and appreciated even more." While waiting for the names of the other candidates (coming from the "Golfimpresa" consortium, from the world of clubs in general or from industry...), the experienced helmsman Chimenti is open to discussion: "Make your proposals on any theme that can promote the golf and submit your application," he explained enthusiastically.

The president of Italian golf has been one of the pillars of the national golf world for 23 years. But despite a long career, Chimenti still has a long list of goals to accomplish. "I will bring the project to reform the world of professionals to the Council.

A radical change is essential as they represent the gateway to golf", says Chimenti. "My goal is a more modern and functional federal center, to improve general enthusiasm."

Who is Franco Chimenti

Born in Naples on 7 August 1939, Franco Chimenti is a man of many facets.

In addition to having been dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the "Sapienza" in Rome, he is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. In 1996 he began his journey in the world of golf, becoming an advisor and then vice president.

Six years later, he assumed the position of president, followed by the entry of the CONI National Council. In June 2013, he decided to leave the position of deputy vice-president of CONI to become the president of CONI Servizi spa.

Chimenti is now in his sixth term, and with 89% of the votes obtained in September 2020, he continues to represent a point of reference for Italian golf.