Greg Norman: "Rahm? My phone explodes"

"I'll be honest: Ever since Jon joined our team, my phone has been ringing non-stop"

by Andrea Gussoni
Greg Norman: "Rahm? My phone explodes"
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In an interview with ESPN and the BBC, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman revealed that he is receiving constant calls from eight to twelve players who are eager to join the new team led by Jon Rahm, who recently joined the multimillion-dollar Arab Super League.

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"I'll be honest: Ever since Jon joined our team, my phone has been ringing non-stop. Players are bombarding me with texts and calls: 'I want to play on your team, Jon! How can I do that?' "It's crazy," Norman said in the interview with ESPN.

For his part, Rahm made history by joining LIV Golf with a contract whose amount is still unknown, although close sources assure that it exceeds 500 million dollars. The addition of Rahm has generated great expectations in the golf world, and Norman could not be happier.

"We are delighted to have Jon on our team. His arrival demonstrates the validity of LIV Golf's 54-hole format and team competition. We are confident that his presence will attract other great players, creating a domino effect," he added.

Norman in the interview with the BBC. In short, the arrival of Rahm has generated a great revolution in the world of golf and has placed LIV Golf in the center of attention. Who will be the next players to join the team led by Rahm? Time will tell.

"The truth is that I think word of mouth has been very powerful among players around the world, even among the top players. They love our format, our platform and the spirit and atmosphere of teamwork that exists in around us.

This year in particular, I've seen it resonate even stronger. Plus, having Jon on our team is an incredible addition that fills us with excitement," Norman said excitedly. However, as we wait for the third season of LIV to begin in Mayakoba, Mexico from February 2-4, 2024, we are all eager to find out which golfers will join Rahm in his new project.

The current champion of the Augusta Masters has shown his bravery by accepting a very attractive offer from the controversial Saudi LIV Golf tour, which has generated all kinds of reactions and headlines. We will continue to look forward to his next great achievement in the world of golf!

"There is no doubt that the constant evolution of LIV will trigger an unstoppable domino effect, inevitably causing more and more apples to fall from the tree," emphasized Gren Norman in his interview with the BBC.

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