Greg Norman responds to the PIF-PGA Tour deal and dismissal rumors


Greg Norman responds to the PIF-PGA Tour deal and dismissal rumors
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Many hope that the PGA Tour-PIF deal will be done soon. Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, although not involved in the entire process, hopes that an agreement will be reached. This would benefit everyone, from golfers to Tour leaders.

Norman emphasized that he is always on the side of golfers who want to earn more money. He still hopes that an agreement will be made because golf needs unification.

"I'm not involved with that framework agreement at all. I'm over here looking after LIV and running LIV, but it's great to see private equity coming into the game of golf and investing in the game of golf.

I hope it does take place in some way, shape or form. It's to the betterment of the players. As a former player, I'm all about the independent players' rights. I'm all about the players being able to earn more money and go where they need to go to earn more money or even stay somewhere to earn more money, and you're seeing that now.

So, I do hope that some agreement in some way, shape or form comes about, about private equity investing into golf. We've got it. Hopefully, it takes place in other institutions as well. "- Norman told ESPN, as quoted by!

Greg Norman on rumors

Although many believe that Norman will be relieved of his duties if an agreement is reached, Greg denies this. He is firmly convinced of the support of PIF and LIV Golf and has no doubts about his future.

"I'm still sitting here. I still have the support of my investor, and it is what it is. People can say what they want to say without having any knowledge of the outcome."

Norman emphasized once again that LIV Golf is doing great things for this sport.

"If you see the way they're embracing the game of golf, they're investing in the game of golf in their country for their people into the future."

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