Jon Rahm on LIV Golf's instructions regarding the media


Jon Rahm on LIV Golf's instructions regarding the media
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Jon Rahm's surprising switch to LIV Golf got a lot of people talking, mostly in a negative way. Rumors say he got a huge $500 million deal. Either way, Rahm decided he won't be part of the PGA Tour anymore, and we're excited to see him play at LIV Golf. At the awards in Bilbao, Rahm said he won't be doing public events anymore because he was told not to.

"I didn't think there would be any cameras and that it would be a bit more intimate," Rahm said, quoted by!

"I am under very strict instructions not to do public events, which I have imposed on myself a little bit for myself, and for the change I have given to the world of golf in the last week."

Jon Rahm: There will be nothing until February

At the moment, his priority is to take a break from media headlines and interviews. Jon Rahm wants to devote his time to his family, to cool his head from all the happenings, and to be maximally ready for new challenges at LIV Golf. This great Spaniard emphasized that he does not plan to give interviews until February.

"There will be nothing until February," Rahm continued. "I'm not allowed to."

Jon Rahm usually keeps to himself and doesn't seek attention. But his recent choice suddenly made him super famous in the sports world, if only for a short while. Still, Rahm sees himself just like any other golfer, with no special treatment.

"I don't consider that what I do is much different, and that I am more or less important than the rest," Rahm said.

The Spaniard hopes that he will be in the media as little as possible in the coming period.

"The only thing is that I'm seen on TV right now and that's it... hopefully a little less so in the future."

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