Greg Norman shocked golf fans: My phone's been blowing up since Jon Rahm signed


Greg Norman shocked golf fans: My phone's been blowing up since Jon Rahm signed
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Jon Rahm's arrival might trigger the move of several other PGA Tour stars. Many foresee significant consequences following Rahm's departure from the PGA Tour. Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, suggests that Jon Rahm's arrival could have a massive impact on the PGA Tour. Norman confirmed receiving numerous calls from PGA Tour golfers expressing intentions similar to Rahm's: to join LIV Golf!

"To have Jon on board was critically important to our future and what we want to do," Norman said, reported by BBC World Business Report.

"It will create a domino effect, there will be more apples falling from the tree - no question about it, because LIV continues to develop.

Since Jon signed, less than a week ago now, I know my phone is blowing up.

I know we probably have eight to 12 players who are very, very keen to sit down and talk to us about coming on board."

Greg Norman: Jon Rahm is an incredible addition to us

Norman expects even greater popularity of LIV Golf in the future. Many fans of this sport plan to follow this competition. The arrival of Jon Rahm could generate additional interest. In addition, Rahm believes that LIV Golf has a bright future for many reasons.

"I think word is getting out there amongst all the players around the world, even the top players, the best players in the world," Norman told ESPN.

"They love our format, they love our platform, they love the team spirit, the team atmosphere. And to be honest with you, I've seen it resonate very, very loudly this year. And obviously, Jon is an incredible addition to us."

Fans are particularly thrilled about the team aspect of LIV Golf. There's a lot of curiosity about Jon Rahm's team prospects at LIV Golf. Greg Norman revealed that several LIV Golfers have expressed interest in teaming up with Jon Rahm.

"I'll be honest with you, since Jon signed, I know he's been inundated by players saying, 'I want to play on your team, Jon. How do I get on that?'

And I have been inundated and my other team members, too, my C-suite within the organization. I can tell you, hand on my heart, between eight and 12 guys for about two or three spots and maybe two spots, to be honest with you."

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